Jun 01, 2019

Aviorsys Human Resource Management System

Antler believes that human resource is the most valuable asset of the organization. Antler takes great care in recruiting, directing and managing employees to create a work environment which improves the morale and satisfaction of the employees, strengthen the relationship between the employer and employee, comply with the laws and regulations of the country and efficiently achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. Human Resource Management is vital for the survival and growth of an organization and it is vital that an organization uses the proper software to handle complex and time-consuming HR processes.

Antler IT Solutions delivers Aviorsys Human Resource Management System (Aviorsys HRM) to efficiently manage the day to day operations involved in human resource management. Aviorsys HRM system currently comprises of the following features.

  • 1. Employee Time and Attendance Management

  • 2. Employee Profile Management

  • 3. Leave Management

  • 4. Overtime Management

  • 5. Employee Self Service Portal

  • 6. Employee Transfer and Promotion Management

Aviorsys HRM is capable of registering and integrating attendance machines with the system to correctly and timely capture employee attendance and process to create multiple attendance reports. Employee information will be managed in the employee profile and history of employee profile updates will be maintained

The employee has access to his/her employee profile via the Employee Self Service Portal where employees can request leave and overtime. Such requests will be sent for respective authority levels for approval. Bulk processing of leave and overtime is enabled for the HR officers to ease day to day operations. Employee transfers and promotions will be handled by a separate module dedicated to effectively managing the consuming processes involved with transfers and promotions

Aviorsys HRM is in the process of including additional modules such as recruitment management, gate pass management, employee request management, employee meal ticket and issue system, and employee training and career management.