Jun 01, 2019

Aviorsys Human Resource Management System

The main objective of the HRMS is to improve the productivity and efficiency of the business through streamlining the HR processes. Aviorsys HRMS contains all the essentials you need for efficient and reliable human resource management. A centralized database contains all the present and historic information about the active and inactive employees of the organization. Aviorsys HRMS is your single source for flawless employee administration, registration, analysis, employee life-cycle management, and all other crucial employees related information. This system saves countless hours and piles of paperwork by moving benefits to open enrollment online.

Aviorsys HRM system is a cutting edge HR application encompassing the latest in web technologies including cloud capabilities. It consists of various modules like ESS, Employee profile management, Attendance and Leave management, Overtime management, Transfers and promotions and Reports to cover up all the HR processes and streamline the HR operations to improve the productivity of the organization.

  • 1. Employee Data Management to allow access centralized HR data from anywhere.

  • 2. Leave Management to manage multiple leave types.

  • 3. Integration of Biometric devices to track real time attendance.

  • 4. Attendance Management to track time and attendance adjustment.

  • 5. Overtime Management to manage overtime pay rules.

  • 6. Dashboards to view high level information at a glance.

  • 7. Employee Self Service Management to improve employee engagement.

  • 8. Document Management to manage HR document.

  • 9. Meal Management to manage meal requests for meetings and events.

  • 10. Gate Pass Management to automate, manage and track gate passes.

  • 11. Task Management to Schedule, Track and Monitor Tasks.

  • 12. Work From Home and KPI Monitoring to manage work efficiency.

  • 13. Security Patrol Management to report incidents and manage premises.

  • 14.Fleet Managert for route tracking and manage transport requests.

  • 15.Email Reminders and Notifications to keep users informed.