Aug 01, 2018

Aviorsys Security Patrol System

We find businesses operating often from multiple locations. In most cases, Headquarters and factory complexes are in two different locations considering accessibility to various types of infrastructure facilities. Physical security has been identified as an important aspect for most businesses and they employ or outsource security personnel to ensure the required level of physical security is maintained.

To ensure the security of the premises, it is required for the security officers to undertake routine security patrol covering key areas, buildings, specific places and the perimeter. It has been identified that the existing traditional security logging systems are out of date and is inefficient. Especially when businesses are operating from multiple locations, consolidated and real-time reporting is not a feasible option. Also, incident reporting is mostly done via telephone where no pictorial evidence is not available.

Aviorsys Security Patrol System resolves the issue in real-time reporting and consolidated reports. Security officers can use a mobile device when they are undertaking the security patrol tours and the data being collected real-time and viewed on a web portal. Once the security points are correctly registered, Permanently fixed Near Field Communication (NFC) points will help identify security patrol times, officer and location through the mobile application.

“Security is not a product but a process’’

Security officers have their credentials to login and continue the patrol. During the patrol, they will be scanning the security point using a mobile device with the Security Patrol mobile application installed. An easy-to-use mobile application will guide the officer throughout the patrol tour from point to point ensuring, none of the points is missed visiting.

In case of emergency, suspicious activity or other incident, security officers can take a picture, video/voice record or send a message notifying their supervisors so they can attend to resolve the issue immediately. All details are available in custom report formats to senior security officers, Human Resources management or business management via a secured web portal.