Jul 29, 2019

Aviorsys Vehicle Meter Tracking System

AviorSys Vehicle Meter Tracking System, we introduce for support for transportation services. Mainly companies are engaged in diversified businesses are based in multiple locations. Several hired vehicles are being in use to handle the transportation of people and goods among different company locations and for other business requirements.

To ensure the time and value of odometer, it is required to security officers take records in manual bookkeeping method. But it has been identified that the manual bookkeeping method is outdated, inefficient and can happen misuses.

The following are the objectives of the VMT System,

  •  Have a proof to see how many exact kilometers that vehicles ride.

  •  Effective and more efficient

  •  Easy to handle

  •   Accurate

  •  Time Saving

AviorSys Vehicle Meter System allows real-time reporting. Security officers can use a mobile device when they are undertaking transportation records in real-time. And they can view those records from the web portal. By capturing an image of vehicle odometer is proof to see how many exact kilometers that vehicles ride. From web portal can maintain transportation records and calculate transportation cost for each transportation type by online-based information.

The scope of the VMTS is as follows.

  •  Enable registration of vehicles for transportation of the Antler Group via the VMT web portal.

  •  Provide controlled access to the SOs via the mobile application and to the relevant administrative and CSOs using    the VMT web portal.

  •  Identifying and recording each transportation process by the VMT mobile application.

  •  Record and maintain the VMT records of the SOs and enable creation of reports for Chief Security staff, AH    administration and HR.

  •  Image capture facility to capture an image of vehicle meter from VMT mobile application as a proof.